To Whom It May Concern

I met Mary Ann Morgan under the most difficult of circumstances.   She was brought to a Aruba with the Texas Equi-Search group to search for my daughter Natalee Halloway,  who went missing on her school trip.  Mary Ann was in intoduced as a Psychic Medium Detective  that had information about Natalee.  At the onset of our meeting Mary Ann  provided me with detailed information that was obscure in nature. No one had access to this information  except for my immediate family.  To this day I have told only a select few people these details.  Portions  of the information was verifiable immediately other information, we believe has  to come to fruition thru time.

 I have to say that I am a devoted Christian and I believe May Ann’s  gifts are from God .  Over the past several years we have spent a great deal of time speaking about the difficulties surrounding this case with all its ups and downs. Mary Ann maintains integrity when  using her gifts for counselling. Mary Ann  is the only intuitive that has worked actively with my family on Natalee’s disappearance! She  is the only intuitive that  I have approvingly appeared with on television shows with including, “The Abrams Report”.  I am glad to say that Robin and I refer to Mary Ann as our friend, I know she feels the same way. 


 Dave Holloway- Loving  Father of Natalwe Holloway 

To have such a gift as to be able to calm a dying child by giving a detailed explanation of the process of events to come. To comfort a grieving family who has just had a child crossover.  These gifts are priceless and are given freely by a woman who has become my friend. This woman is Mary  Ann Morgan.”

  - Laurel Linneman-Mother, In loving memory of Dominique 

“Mary Ann Morgan Is a gifted Intuitive...Author.. Business Woman and Human Being. To put it short she is brilliant, wise and gifted and I am honoured to be her friend.”  

-Stephen Simon, Producer of 

“Somewhere In Time”  and “What Dreams May Come.”

“Mary Ann Is one of those rare people who can pierce the veil between this reality and the worlds beyond.  Her gifts are great however with those gifts comes huge responsibility, first to help, enlighten and inspire the individuals who consult her and second to aid humanity in a struggle for a higher consciousness. This  she does with unending love and compassion.” 

-Penny Thornton, World-Renowned Astrologer, Teacher,  Lecturer and Author

“I cannot tell you how comforting it is that through your God-given ability I was able to communicate with my daughter, Gina, and know that she is happy,  in full health and very much alive on the other side.  You have been a true blessing to me in the continuing struggle to live without my daughter, in this physical world.  Knowing she is still with us and the family, watching over our daily lives gives us comfort and peace.  The segment on Channel 3TV sent a message to the public providing Peace  with a message, “That we never die“ and that you and others with the special gift are a blessing to us all. Thank You and God Bless You! “

-Gina Aukett, Gina’s Loving Mother Eternally

“Simply put Mary Ann and her abilities are a Gift from God.” 

James Twyman-Author, Musician and International Peace Trubador  

Over the past years I  have had The chance to talk to Mary Ann Morgan about some of my investigations. In 2004 I started working on a missing person report involving a person who had been missing for about 30 years. The family and I met with Mary Ann.  At this first meeting Mary Ann had undeniable and an obtainable details about the life of the family and the missing person. Mary Ann advised us of a location she felt that a missing person was to be found, near a lake in Oklahoma City. The family and I went to the location and it was just as Mary Ann had described. We were unable to locate a body but the next day Oklahoma City police department recoverd the body from the lake at the same location, within 50 feet. After this experience Mary Ann has continued to give me and other investigations important and invaluable information. Her gifts are truly remarkable and I found this type of investigative help to be a valuable tool. “

-JR Kidney-Chief of Police, Tecumseh, OK

”I am writing this because I feel it is important for people to understand the talents that Mary Ann  Morgan has especially for all types of Law Enforcement agencies across the United States.

A few years before my retirement I worked on a high-profile homicide case that involved a man who murdered his wife and children.  I received  many phone calls from so-called mediums. I heard everything from, “he is dead”,  to “he’s hiding in nearby towns“, to “he’s sipping tequila in Mexico”,  I dis-missed all of them...accept one..Mary Ann’s.  Mary Ann telephoned me with details of what occurred at the time the homicides.  No one.. including other local agencies for the media had the information that Mary Ann was giving me.  We were very close to the vest,  you can say with information pertaining to these homicides.  Within a week Mary Ann  gave me information on where the suspect would dump his vehicle. The  following week the vehicle was found a few miles from the location that Mary Ann had given me. There are also other details that Mary Ann spoke  of that I really cannot discuss, because the investigation is still ongoing after all these years. This suspect is on America’s top 10 most wanted from the FBI .   Trust me when I tell you she is right on the mark with her information..Her accuracy is actually spooky! I also worked another homicide where Mary Ann gave me the names of two people who had information about the case.  I told Mary Ann that there was no one with those names involved in the particular case.  Within three days of interviews the names Mary Ann had given me came up. These people were later found and did in fact have information about the case.  Unfortunately most Law Enforcement agencies don’t want to use mediums such as Mary Ann.  It is unfortunate and it is their loss.

TJ Jiran-

Medically  retired Police Officer & Detective

18  years with Scottsdale Police Department 

last 5 years and violent crimes unit.

”Mary Ann Morgan is a Talent with a capital “T”. She continually amazes me with accurate predictions for strangers, friends and for the world in general.  Mary Ann can give specifics that leave no doubt as to the truth behind her gifts.  Her  compassion for children and crime victims runs deep.  It knows no bounds and those who she touches come away with a profound sense of peace love and comfort. 

 Scott Davis-Emmy Award winning Television News Producer.