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Looking for Top Psychics? Check out Mary Ann Morgan


 Individuals wishing to schedule a private phone session with Ms. Morgan may contact her at the link below. 

Please take note...

 Because of overwhelming request and difficulties in keeping message lines clear it is not possible at this time for Ms Morgan or her staff to arrange for an immediate phone session for all who contact her.  By clicking on the link below and filling in the information, your name wI’ll be placed on a waiting list to request a personal phone session. The fee for a personal reading by phone is $350 or$175.00. 

Method  of payments are varied and will be discussed with you when your appointment is scheduled. 

Payments  for personal readings appointments by phone are non-refundable. 

However, it is fully understood by both parties that readings/appointments will be rescheduled at both parties earliest convenience.

Gifting Readings

Twice a year, at Christmas and Valentines Day Ms. Morgan has special pricing. Please feel free to  checkin during those times.


Q.  How long is a reading for?

A.  A Personal reading is either 1 full hour or 30 minutes depending on what is needed for the individual. 

Q.  How much does a personal reading cost?

A.  A 1 hour personal reading is $350.00.

      A half-hour reading is $175.00.

Q.  How many Questions can I ask?

A.  Generally speaking for the 1 hour reading you would get 10 questions. The half hour reading you will get 5 questions. It is best to write your questions down so as to not to forget them.

Q.  If I have to cancel, is my money paid for a personal reading refundable?

A.  No monies are refundable however an appointment can be rescheduled at each parties earliest convenience. 

Q.  Does Ms. Morgan record My personal reading on the phone.

A.  No.  However, you can record the phone reading if you so choose. 

Q.  How do I pay for a personal reading with Ms. Morgan.

A.  Ms. Morgan accepts MASTER CARD, VISA, DISCOVER (processed through SQUARE) ,  ZELLE QUIK PAY, MoneyGram,  Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart, Western Union and VENMO.

Q.  What kind of advice does Ms. Morgan give you during a reading?

A.  Ms. Morgan does not give Medical, Legal or Financial advice.  Ms. Morgan may make personal suggestions during the reading however she is not a Medical Doctor, Attorney or Accountant.

Q.  Does Ms. Morgan call me?

A.  Yes, Ms. Morgan will call you from a blocked number.  This is why receiving your number is so important.

Schedule a Reading

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